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Ripples of Memory

I throw a stone into the water
laugh at the ripples
revel in my power
They bounce forever
changing the nature of the lake

I walk away
effects forgotten

I shout across the canyon
laugh at the echoes
revel in my power
They bounce forever
changing the nature of the world

I walk away
effects forgotten

I speak to someone
change their mind

but they’re not important
I have no power
How can I change the world?

Will I be forgotten?


The River it Runs

The river it runs
fast on the rocks
fast on the shores
fast by the roots and branches and mud

The river it sits
flat and serene
silent and deep
pulling along, constant and powerful

The river it gives
plants and life
crabs and fish

The river it takes
storms, rages, and drowns

The river it runs

Always, it runs



My obstacles are not impressed by my complaints.

Today I choose to be persistent.
Today I choose to learn from my mistakes.
Today I choose to be objective:
to see events as they are,
not as I hoped they would be.

I no longer have yesterday’s goals,
I have only goals based on my current situation.

Today I choose resilience.
Today I choose progress.

Do not fear me,
for I am merely a force of nature.


Do It Now!

I need to relax,
Just for a little bit.
Just one to take the edge off.
Two for the road.
Three to feel good.
Four to drown my sorrows.
Five to morning.
Back to work.

Do it now!
Act now!
Now, or it won’t happen.

Why do you
Eat, sleep, exercise,
Protect yourself from heat, cold,
Poison and rot,
Why do you fight to live,
If not toward some purpose?
This “leisure” time
is the reason you work,
The prize of your victory over death.

You can sleep when you’re dead.
You can sleep tomorrow.
You can sleep tonight.
What will you do right now?

Make a thing
Of some use
Of your self.
The person who crafted the lowest step
Up the mountain side
Has helped the most people.

If you have advanced a thousand people
To a better life
You are greater than any one person.

A step might elevate
An army of minions,
But it also elevates the champion
That leads them
To a better place.

The least necessary block
In a pyramid
Is the one on top,
Just a stone in the dust
Without all the bricks supporting it.

Do it.
Make it.
Make us all greater.


Mighty He

Mighty he swam
through the sea and the sky
Bricks and obstacles
shatter before him,
break on his face
like sand on the wind.

Laughter and Ridicule
swing their swords
cold as bitter ice,
bartering hatred and envy
for peace and comfort.

Mighty he strode
pushed aside flattery,
threw off his cloak,
sticky with greed,
despite the burning sun.

Maggots of habit and determination
clean wounds of vice and sloth,
each step forward
tearing open old wounds.

Quickly he runs
past stone faces,
those who fearful hid,
safe at last from destruction.

He finds the tree
at last in the maze
where he began
but the string in his hand
shows him the way back
his life line.



Thoughts fly,
Betray and hound,
Echo, surround

Darkness unknown,

Flutter and skitter,

Horror uncanny,

Fumbling blind,
Strange mind
In my own head.


This is Living

A shifting bed of snakes
Is a human mind

An upturned anthill
With no queen

A twisting whirlpool
Powerful, angry
Fighting itself
And everyone else
But less organized

A roiling cauldron
Conflicting emotions
Scattering thoughts

Fear and doubt
Will and want
And despair

Every moment
I may burst apart
Or turn to stone

So it has been
For many years
With no end in sight

Look out!
Here it comes again
I feel
I think
I act
I am


You Cannot Stop Me

I am exhausted,
Spent, drained, exsanguinated,
A mummified husk,
And yet I rise.

I wallow in a pit of despair,
Despond, shame,
Fear and doubt,

I am nothing,
No one,
The cast-off skin of a dying world,
But I will fight.

I will scratch my name into the rock with my bleeding stump,
With my broken teeth.

I will write my name in the shifting sand,
As each letter evaporates before I finish the next,
And it will have been there,

I am beaten,
Broken, destroyed,
You cannot stop me.
Until I do.



tingling teeth
brittle bones
stutter, shatter
shaking stones

itching ichor
slimy snot
grinding guts
threadbare thought

hellish hunger
gnawing need
twitching tension
filthy feed

ragged rise
fumbling finding
painful preparation
walkway winding

descending days
mounting minutes
damp despair
work waits