Monthly Archives: February 2017

Do It Now!

I need to relax,
Just for a little bit.
Just one to take the edge off.
Two for the road.
Three to feel good.
Four to drown my sorrows.
Five to morning.
Back to work.

Do it now!
Act now!
Now, or it won’t happen.

Why do you
Eat, sleep, exercise,
Protect yourself from heat, cold,
Poison and rot,
Why do you fight to live,
If not toward some purpose?
This “leisure” time
is the reason you work,
The prize of your victory over death.

You can sleep when you’re dead.
You can sleep tomorrow.
You can sleep tonight.
What will you do right now?

Make a thing
Of some use
Of your self.
The person who crafted the lowest step
Up the mountain side
Has helped the most people.

If you have advanced a thousand people
To a better life
You are greater than any one person.

A step might elevate
An army of minions,
But it also elevates the champion
That leads them
To a better place.

The least necessary block
In a pyramid
Is the one on top,
Just a stone in the dust
Without all the bricks supporting it.

Do it.
Make it.
Make us all greater.