Monthly Archives: January 2017

Mighty He

Mighty he swam
through the sea and the sky
Bricks and obstacles
shatter before him,
break on his face
like sand on the wind.

Laughter and Ridicule
swing their swords
cold as bitter ice,
bartering hatred and envy
for peace and comfort.

Mighty he strode
pushed aside flattery,
threw off his cloak,
sticky with greed,
despite the burning sun.

Maggots of habit and determination
clean wounds of vice and sloth,
each step forward
tearing open old wounds.

Quickly he runs
past stone faces,
those who fearful hid,
safe at last from destruction.

He finds the tree
at last in the maze
where he began
but the string in his hand
shows him the way back
his life line.



Thoughts fly,
Betray and hound,
Echo, surround

Darkness unknown,

Flutter and skitter,

Horror uncanny,

Fumbling blind,
Strange mind
In my own head.