Monthly Archives: December 2016

This is Living

A shifting bed of snakes
Is a human mind

An upturned anthill
With no queen

A twisting whirlpool
Powerful, angry
Fighting itself
And everyone else
But less organized

A roiling cauldron
Conflicting emotions
Scattering thoughts

Fear and doubt
Will and want
And despair

Every moment
I may burst apart
Or turn to stone

So it has been
For many years
With no end in sight

Look out!
Here it comes again
I feel
I think
I act
I am


You Cannot Stop Me

I am exhausted,
Spent, drained, exsanguinated,
A mummified husk,
And yet I rise.

I wallow in a pit of despair,
Despond, shame,
Fear and doubt,

I am nothing,
No one,
The cast-off skin of a dying world,
But I will fight.

I will scratch my name into the rock with my bleeding stump,
With my broken teeth.

I will write my name in the shifting sand,
As each letter evaporates before I finish the next,
And it will have been there,

I am beaten,
Broken, destroyed,
You cannot stop me.
Until I do.