Monthly Archives: May 2016

Embrace the Sky

patter tapping drumming rain
driving us inside
running from cover to cover
fearful and shivering

until we stop and look up
spread our arms
and accept it
feel the kiss of the sky on our skin

never naked
but unclothed

the fear is in your mind
accept it
embrace it

open your mind
open your self

embrace the sky



The Valkyrie steps forth
emerges victorious
weilding her trusted hammer
destroyer of the screaming evils

She strides over
the remnants of her fallen foes
shattered by her strength and grace

her fellow gladiator
step forth
to share the fire
exchanging tales
of victory past and present


The Night

I see the night
it’s pungent flame
washes over me

it’s dark wind
flows through me

I am the Shark
the Fright
the Echo
the Cold Sweat

I am the night
it’s blackest depths

It is my shadow
cast by the weak rays of the Sun
that you see.


The Night Wind

the night wind
she comes
from the shadows
in my head

the night wind
swirls around me
spins and twists
we dance

the night wind
I feel her
caress my hair
her fingers
on my cheek

the night wind
I touch the shadows
black and deep
we kiss

the night wind
cool and dark
my secret lover
in my soul

the night wind
knows not jealous
for though I love
none can have me
as she


The Lightning Flashes

The Lightning Flashes.

the air is thick, sultry
it presses on the skin
like so much water
it surrounds, engulfs
isolates the mind
from all reality
the impenitrable barrier
seals you in
with only your thoughts…

The Lightning Flashes.

the clouds are thick
sealing out the blacker night
they hold an ambient glow
that lights the sky
but that very thickness
obscures all vision
and certainty.

The Lightning Flashes.

the sky flickers
clouds veil its origin
but amplify its presence
leaping points of light

The Lightning Flashes.

the sky stretches
to touch the earth
only to have the earth
stretch back
in a bright slice

The Lightning Flashes.

my smile smells
of singed brow
and ozone
I am the lightning
You reach down to me
and in a bright bolt
I reach back

The Lightning Flashes.


The Giving and the States of Love

Everybody always blames the guys
They’re always looking for sex
But the girls really want
What the guys have got
The guys are the ones with hot love coursing through their veins
Hot liquid love that they’d be all too happy to give out

The guys have the love
And it burns to get out
And makes them do and say funny things
But when he gives it
To a woman
The guy calms down
And the woman is whole

The guys are always looking to give their love
And the girls are always looking to be loved
The guy must find a girl who wants his love
Or the girl must ask a guy for his love
And he will gladly give it
For it is not the gift that is desired
But the giving

Solid love is the love of the touch
The gentle caress and the touch of skin
The touch of breath

Gaseous love is when the love’s not there
The love in absence
The love that thrives
Without the lover’s presence
The phone
The letter
The memory

The solid love will eventually melt
And liquid will have its day
But if there’s no solid to hold it up
No gas to hold it down
The liquid will flow to another house

Gaseous love is the most perfect, noble, and moral
But we are creatures of solid and liquid
Our bodies demand them
And gas alone will not sustain us
Though without it, we are lost


The Earth Loves

I hear the greatest symphonies
in the rustle of the wind in the trees,

I see the most wondrous ballet
in the dance of the fireflies at night,

the trees call my name,
the grass waves,
the sky smiles
and laughs:

peals of thunder
to thrill the bones;

Tears of joy
embrace the earth
and shower us
with love.



When entrusted with the heart of another
One holds unimaginable power over them

The heart, at its essence, is a thing of fantastic beauty
And incredible fragility

If two hearts meet and dance
The greatest happiness and healing occurs
One may dash the heart to pieces
Laughing with sick, vengeful, glee
Only to retreat into the shadows
Doubled over with one’s own pain
And tears

Both hearts grown black and brittle
From neglect and pain

Only through the meeting of hearts
The tender touch
And giving dance
Is one fulfilled
and both

Love feeds the tree with life
Reaching to the sky and enriching the soil
Flowering in its beauty
Giving sustenance and shade
To lover and lumberjack alike

Pain and vengeance build walls of cold stone
Empty castles of ghosts and demons
Filled only with the cruel laughter
Of a self-abandoned lunatic