Ripples of Memory

I throw a stone into the water
laugh at the ripples
revel in my power
They bounce forever
changing the nature of the lake

I walk away
effects forgotten

I shout across the canyon
laugh at the echoes
revel in my power
They bounce forever
changing the nature of the world

I walk away
effects forgotten

I speak to someone
change their mind

but they’re not important
I have no power
How can I change the world?

Will I be forgotten?


on Zen

In theory, Zen means you do, without thinking. You’re not trying really hard, you just do.

In practice, in order to let go and not try, you have to first try really hard for a long time.

It’s like muscle memory: you’ve done it so many times that your body does it without thinking. The neural pathways are so well worn that you do it without effort or planning. The ball rolls down the deepest channel.

A great stoic philosophy paraphrased: when enduring difficulty we don’t rise to the level of our aspirations, we sink to the level of our training.

So train to be the person you want to be at your most difficult moment.

The River it Runs

The river it runs
fast on the rocks
fast on the shores
fast by the roots and branches and mud

The river it sits
flat and serene
silent and deep
pulling along, constant and powerful

The river it gives
plants and life
crabs and fish

The river it takes
storms, rages, and drowns

The river it runs

Always, it runs


Power, Resolve, Skill

I created these for a game that did not make it all the way out of testing. I don’t know that it can be saved, but I did get these cool pictures out of it. It is a cycle where each can be defeated by the next, much like rock-paper-scissors: Power, Resolve, and Skill.




My obstacles are not impressed by my complaints.

Today I choose to be persistent.
Today I choose to learn from my mistakes.
Today I choose to be objective:
to see events as they are,
not as I hoped they would be.

I no longer have yesterday’s goals,
I have only goals based on my current situation.

Today I choose resilience.
Today I choose progress.

Do not fear me,
for I am merely a force of nature.