Another Significant Improvement

We’re in talks to replace the rolling of dice every turn on a table with cards drawn each turn for events. This will give us the flexibility to have more narrative variation, subplots, events for specific characters, and other cool twists.

We’re all very excited, and it will take almost no changes to the base rules. Most of the updates will be to the missions themselves, which can now be much more diverse and tailored.

We’re all very excited!

Major game change

A few months ago we had a serious heart-to-heart among the 3 partners making the game. We decided to make a major change in the game: to eliminate character stats, in terms of professions. Previously we had 6 different skills: then recently we combined them into 3 and now we have decided to go with zero.

All of the characters will roll the same number of dice all the time, but each character has a special ability or two. It will function a lot more like Shadows Over Camelot in that respect.

We’ve changed it to much more of a narrative focus: adding a lot of story elements to the characters as well as to the game missions themselves. We have completely retooled the base rules accordingly, and have adapted 2 missions to this new system so far.

All of this is VERY exciting. The game is actually a lot better now, since you can really get into the atmosphere and attitude of the game, and they actually have relationships with each other as characters, not just classes as if they were MMORPG characters.

We just had a major work meeting a few weeks ago, and hammered out the official rules in a readable format. I’m super-excited, because they fit on 6 double side pages in a booklet size of a sheet of paper folded in half.

I’m going to go to GenCon in a few weeks, and Sunday I plan to set out the game and see if anyone is interested in playing, and is capable of understanding the rules. I’ll probably sit at a table in the main game room while I ready my new D&D PHB and see if I get any takers.

That’s all after I spend all of Saturday taking my 10-year-old nephew to his first GenCon. I’m very excited!

Episode Update

The team has settled on our top 5 Episodes that, barring major changes, will be the ones released with the retail game.  We also have a rough list of our top 10 or so favorite characters that will be in the initial release.

At this point we’re about to begin working on the graphic design of the rules and the episodes: where the artwork goes and where the text goes.

We’re also in discussions about whether laminated boards for dry-erase should be a thing that is heavily involved.  I can see where it might be really cool, especially given our art style, but we’ll have to see how it performs in playtests.

Art News

As you can see we’ll be using art of The DoomCow for the foreseeable future, on the site and in the game.  If we end up being professionally published that might change, and even possibly if we self publish, though that might depend on the level of crowd-funding we can muster.  It has the humor and slightly silly element we desire in the game, so even if it’s just great concept art, we’re very pleased with it.

Game Progress

We’ve just had our first official playtest.  We had six good friends playing four different episodes.  We made a lot of good progress on those episodes, decent changes such that it appears that only minor tweaks are left on those episodes.

Having a full six players made it quite a good test of difficulty scaling for the number of players, something we’re committed to.  We want to be certain that this game is fun for small or large gaming groups.